Saturday, August 30, 2008


Pontiac, Michigan

Above: A street fair in Pontiac, Michigan that was going on when we were playing last night. Blues Traveler played down the street, but I didn't go to see them becuase I felt so achy. Also, our gear on stage before the show.


It seems that with the help of Jeremy's Aunt and Uncle I have kicked my cold! :-)

They gave me some Zinc and Vitamin C as well as plenty of Orange Juice and a soft warm bed for the night. This morning we had a complete breakfast outside under a tree that consisted of bagels with cream cheese, toast with butter, eggs, turkey bacon, vege sausage, grapes, and watermelon! After Uncle Todd and I jammed on his beautiful guitar and amp from the 70's, they packed us all sandwiches and snacks! It was an amazing visit - I'm so thankful to them! We drove from Detroit to Chicago and finished the Phil Lesh Autobiography on tape. It was really good. We got pulled over on the way into Chicago, but when we told the Officer we were in a band he said "have a good show!" and let us off off without a ticket! :-)

Tonight is our last show with Don Cab. It's been a great tour and we've been doing a really good job, I feel, of taking care of each other and ourselves. From here, a long drive back to Baltimore, where we rest up and then head to Europe!

With Love,

Friday, August 29, 2008

2 AM Jam in Montréal

Goodbye Canada


Today's post won't be the most exciting post, but I thought I should still say hi and update what's new with us!

We are back in the States. Today we drove back through the border (see the second photo - taken from the bridge between Canadian Customs and US Customs). Tonight's show is in Pontiac, Michigan.

Canada was very relaxed and nice, but it was also very weird. London, Ontario had a lot of strange murals (see the first photo, a detail from a wierd mural in a mall). It's been good, but I'm really glad to be back to the US!

Today I have a cold, I hope it passes soon!

Miss everyone!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008



More Photos Here! :-)

This is where we ate lunch today in Montreal. I had the Sandwich Du Jour which was melted Brie, with Caramelized Mushrooms, Pesto, and Spinach. We typically get "buy outs" from venues which are $40 in Canadian money, or US Dollars. Tonight in Toronto I had Pad Thai.

Today's drive was pretty average compared to the gorgeous cruise through rural Vermont, but it's still exciting to be in a new place and a different country.  The shows have been going well, with attendance at all of them decent to great and merch sales steady!

I hope everyone is doing well. We have some new short videos, too, that we'd like to post soon!

This is Dustin with his Aunt Jan, Uncle Rob, and Cousin Jack. We stayed with them in New Hampshire. It was great (see previous post!)

Us with our Van (i.e. "Blue Diamond")

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dustin's Cousins

New Hampshire

Last night we stayed at Dustin's Uncle Rob's House in New Hampshire, 45 minutes from Boston. These are photos Dustin took this morning. The first one is what happened when Dustin tried to unplug his cell phone. The second photo is called "Shield of No Picture" by Jenna. The bottom photo is Jack, the youngest.

Today we go to Montreal!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Outside of the Knitting Factory in New York :-)


by Dustin

Posted from the Venue in Boston...

We just got into Boston, but this is a picture from earlier today driving out of New York - it was a really nice and relaxing cruise around the eastern side of Manhattan and I saw some of the city I've never seen before (which was really surprising and wonderful!)

Last night's show in New York went really well! Before the show I chatted it up with the lighting guy and asked him if he had any tricks, so he pulled out the stops! We got to see some friends from MICA who recently moved to NYC and find out what it's like to move there. Seems like they have a really good spot out in Brooklyn. It was great to see them and hear about their new lives.  We had some really good deli sandwiches and Vietnamese food with them for lunch today in a park near the venue in Manhattan.

Our Van is the best thing that's ever happened to us, haha! It's so nice and comfortable. I'll post a picture of it soon! More (Better) pictures and stuff on the way as tomorrow we head to Montreal, Quebec, Canada for the first time!

I miss everyone already!

With Love,

P.S. Everyone has been calling to tell us about the two-page spread in Spin this month, but we haven't seen it, yet! :-P

Monday, August 18, 2008

New T-Shirts

Recent Press in the UK! - "NME" Magazine


Tue - Aug 19 --- Arlington, VA --- ITOA Club and Café
Wed - Aug 20 --- Baltimore, MD --- Sonar
Thu - Aug 21 --- Virginia Beach, VA --- Steppin' Out
Fri- Aug 22 --- Philadelphia, PA --- Johnny Brendas
Sat - Aug 23 --- New York, NY --- Knitting Factory
Sun - Aug 24 --- Boston, MA ---Harper's Ferry
Mon - Aug 25 ---Montreal, QC --- Club Lambi
Tue - Aug 26 --- Toronto, ON --- Lee's Palace
Wed - Aug 27 --- Hamilton, ON --- Casbah
Thu - Aug 28 --- London, ON --- Call the Office
Fri - Aug 29 --- Pontiac, MI --- Pike Room
Sat - Aug 30 --- Chicago, IL --- Subterranean

Sun - Aug 31 --- Travel Day from Chicago to Baltimore, MD
Mon - Sept 1 --- Baltimore, MD --- Off
Tues - Sept 2 --- Baltimore, MD --- Off

Wed - Sept 3 --- Fly from BWI to London, Heathrow

Thu - Sept 4 --- London, UK --- Bardens Boudoir
Fri - Sept 5 --- Nottingham, UK --- Chameleon
Sat - Sept 6 --- Brighton, UK --- The Albert
Sun - Sept 7 --- London, UK --- Womblefest
Mon - Sept 8 --- Manchester, UK --- Satans Hollow
Tue - Sept 9 --- Liverpool, UK --- Korova
Wed - Sept 10 --- Dublin, Ireland --- Whelan's
Thu - Sept 11 --- Galway, Ireland --- Roisin Dubh
Fri - Sept 12 --- Off --- Travel Day
Sat - Sept 13 --- Paris, France --- Fleche D'or
Sun - Sept 14 --- Lyon, France --- Grnnns Zero
Mon - Sept 15 --- Clermont-Ferrand, France --- Raymond Bar
Tues - Sept 16 --- Fribourg, Switzerland --- Frison
Wed - Sept 17 --- Brussels, Belgium --- VK
Thu - Sept 18 --- Amsterdam, The Netherlands --- Bitterzoet
Fri - Sept 19 --- Tilburg, The Netherlands --- ZXZW Festival
Sat - Sept 20 --- London, UK --- Amsersham Arms
Sun - Sept 21 - London, UK --- Off
Mon - Sept 22 --- London, UK --- The End

Tues - Sept 23 --- Fly from London, Heathrow to BWI

Wed - Sept 24 --- Travel Day from Baltimore, MD to Grinnell, IA

Thu - Sept 25 --- Grinnell, IA --- Grinnell College
Fri - Sept 26 --- Iowa City, IA --- The Mill
Sat - Sept 27 --- Denver, CO --- Rhinoceropolis
Sun - Sept 28 --- Off --- Travel Day
Mon - Sept 29 --- Salt Lake City, UT --- Kilby Court
Tues - Sept 30 --- Missoula, MT --- Badlander
Wed - Oct 1 --- Off --- Travel Day
Thu - Oct 2 --- Seattle, WA --- Nectar
Fri - Oct 3 --- Anacortes, WA --- Department of Safety
Sat - Oct 4 --- Vancouver, BC --- Richard's on Richards
Sun - Oct 5 --- Off --- Travel Day
Mon - Oct 6 --- Portland, OR --- Backspace
Tues - Oct 7 --- Off Travel Day
Wed - Oct 8 --- San Francisco, CA --- Bottom of the Hill
Thu - Oct 9 --- Santa Cruz, CA --- TBA
Fri - Oct 10 --- Los Angeles, CA --- The Smell
Sat - Oct 11 --- Irvine, CA --- UC Irvine
Sun - Oct 12 --- Phoenix, AZ --- Modified

[Tour Dates from Phoenix to Baltimore to be Updated]

Wed - Oct 22 --- Baltimore, MD --- Ottobar - Cal Robbins Benefit

Fri - Oct 31 --- Brooklyn, NY --- Todd P NYC Halloween Show