Tuesday, August 26, 2008


More Photos Here! :-)

This is where we ate lunch today in Montreal. I had the Sandwich Du Jour which was melted Brie, with Caramelized Mushrooms, Pesto, and Spinach. We typically get "buy outs" from venues which are $40 in Canadian money, or US Dollars. Tonight in Toronto I had Pad Thai.

Today's drive was pretty average compared to the gorgeous cruise through rural Vermont, but it's still exciting to be in a new place and a different country.  The shows have been going well, with attendance at all of them decent to great and merch sales steady!

I hope everyone is doing well. We have some new short videos, too, that we'd like to post soon!

This is Dustin with his Aunt Jan, Uncle Rob, and Cousin Jack. We stayed with them in New Hampshire. It was great (see previous post!)

Us with our Van (i.e. "Blue Diamond")

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