Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pontiac, Michigan

Above: A street fair in Pontiac, Michigan that was going on when we were playing last night. Blues Traveler played down the street, but I didn't go to see them becuase I felt so achy. Also, our gear on stage before the show.


It seems that with the help of Jeremy's Aunt and Uncle I have kicked my cold! :-)

They gave me some Zinc and Vitamin C as well as plenty of Orange Juice and a soft warm bed for the night. This morning we had a complete breakfast outside under a tree that consisted of bagels with cream cheese, toast with butter, eggs, turkey bacon, vege sausage, grapes, and watermelon! After Uncle Todd and I jammed on his beautiful guitar and amp from the 70's, they packed us all sandwiches and snacks! It was an amazing visit - I'm so thankful to them! We drove from Detroit to Chicago and finished the Phil Lesh Autobiography on tape. It was really good. We got pulled over on the way into Chicago, but when we told the Officer we were in a band he said "have a good show!" and let us off off without a ticket! :-)

Tonight is our last show with Don Cab. It's been a great tour and we've been doing a really good job, I feel, of taking care of each other and ourselves. From here, a long drive back to Baltimore, where we rest up and then head to Europe!

With Love,

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Robbie B. said...

HA! It's Rob from High Places, in Iowa City! As per our Lesh convo last night, I totally googled "Phil Lesh Autobio" to look for a download and your blog comes up like number 3!!! We are a secret society of Leshians!